NING is an eponymous contemporary designer brand founded in 2021 by Ning Yuan in celebration of the founder’s Chinese silk heritage and traditions. The brand started as a collective project to change the current fashion landscape whereby the core of the vision stands the power of collaboration, and the power of the collective.


Built on the aesthetics and opulence of Chinese youth culture. NING was founded with the purpose to represent a native voice in the contemporary designer space. Inspired by both the imperial history and pop-cultural expressions of Chinese communities all over the world, NING aims to honour a vast cultural legacy in a playful yet proud way. Bearing multiple meanings in Mandarin, the name NING stands for unity, celebration and the ‘power of the collective’ — all of which are fundamental values to the brand.


Exploring both traditional and modern tropes associated with Chinese culture, the debut collection repurposes Chinese iconography for a modern wardrobe. Designed to capture the joyous hedonism of Chinese youth, the collection is built on wearable silhouettes, elevated with ornate imperial palace prints and embellishments.

Created entirely in-house, the all-over prints feature traditional Chinese iconography with playful subversions like burlesque dancers and bordered design referencing 80s gangster films.