Born in Guangzhou, China, Ning Yuan was given the last name of her mother, a controversial choice at the time, which reflected the liberal and feminist values her family would raise her with. As a rebellious teenage girl, Ning often felt defiant of the conservative standards women were subjected to and found her escape in art, western culture and music.

Growing up, her mother would tell stories of how her ancestors used to be master silk manufacturers, crafting fine silk goods for the emperors of the time. Already then, Ning dreamt of creating a Chinese brand that would celebrate the 5,000 yearold rich heritage of her culture.

Built on the aesthetics and opulence of Chinese heritage, contemporary designer brand NING was founded in 2021 to showcase the most premium silk worn from day to night. Inspired by Chinese imperial prints used by the Forbidden Palace in Beijing, NING pieces bring elevated resort and party staples to every occasion all year round.